“WAVES” Ltd. was founded in 2006. As can be seen by name, we were interested in waves as a potential source of energy, as well as in ways of receiving and transforming that energy in a way that would be easily transportable and usable.

Our initial studies were related to the identification of the energy potential of the local (Latvian Exclusive Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea) waves [1; 2].

We identified the existing situation in this sector [3], and concluded that such a transformation should be effective in case of creating new conversion technologies or the need for a cardinal development of previous ones. For this reason, we started searching for optimal conversion technology. After some unsuccessful attempts, and even, the design of the patent, crystallized the direction – a wave turbine.

We have carried out a feasibility study [4] to measure mechanical efficiency using a self-constructed wave energy absorption rate measurement stand [5].

When analysing the flow of particles in the wave, the results of the potential calculation, as well as the data from the tests, we have come to the conclusion that the axis of rotation of the turbine must be vertical and the blades must be adjustable [6].

We continue to take targeted action to achieve the results set for the development of wave energy converters (WEC).

Currently, work is continuing on solutions to such a wave turbine. This is to determine the ideal trajectory and shape of the blade, as well as to the constructive solution of the turbine and blade connection.

CEO Lead Inventor

Dr. sc. ing. Jānis Beriņš (02.07.1963.)

Education – Latvian Agricultural University wood processing engineer-technologist (Graduate). Riga Technical University Power and Electrical Engineering Dr.sc.ing. (Graduate).

Business experience – „Waves” Ltd.: Title - Member of the Board/Lead Researcher (Since 2006). Job description – manager of wave energy conversion projects. „ABB”: Job description – to look after technical systems such as electricity, heating, cooling, air conditioning; security, telecommunication, house cleaning etc. systems and building maintenance; managing of engineer staff; supervising of the material supplies, job schedule; public relationship with tenants and state and council institutions.


Mg.sc. Juris Beriņš (17.10.1958.)

Education – Riga Politechnical Institute in Computing Engineering. (1980).

Experience – Since 2008 are found of utilize of energy of water surface gravity waves. Co-author of some publications of  present team.


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